Talking about the status quo of SEO in mainland China

Before 2017, I have been engaged in SEO work in Mainland China, serving the websites of well-known companies such as, China Merchants Bank, and airbnb.

Talking about the status quo of SEO in mainland ChinaimageUser growth
baidu VS Google

As far as the current mainland China is concerned:
The bad news is: Just like Google’s global position, the market position of Baidu’s search engine occupies an absolute dominant position. Different from the Google search engine is a continuous open policy, while Baidu is continuously implementing a closed policy. Baidu search engine traffic continues to be imported to Baidu’s own websites; for example: Q&A type, BBS type, news type, e-commerce type keywords, in Baidu’s ranking results, basically except for paid promotion, all imported Baidu Your own website makes it more and more difficult for third-party websites to obtain SEO traffic.
The good news is: SEO focuses on the optimization of keyword rankings, so Baidu will direct its traffic to its own sub-sites, but we can still get rankings by creating content in Baidu sub-sites, and gaining secondary through content. Therefore, Baidu SEO will not die out. Even with the rise of WeChat and Douyin, we can still do SEO for WeChat search and Douyin search.
Leaving the SEO circle itself, the strategies of the two companies are more pros and cons, but in the field of SEO, there are basically two development paths left for SEO practitioners in mainland China, one is content SEO, the other is Doing Google SEO, in the short term, doing Google SEO is undoubtedly more promising than Baidu SEO.

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